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"The Wonderful World of Dana"

Book & Lyrics by Scout Storey

Music by Christian L. Stahr


Dana is a girl obsessed with Disney princesses. But she is not simply like any other girl who loves Disney princesses—she is in love with them. She lives her life through a Disnified filter, perpetually waiting for her fairy tale to come true.

Her real life, however is a different matter. Both an idol and a misfit in her high school, she barely stumbles through classes and social encounters day by day. Desired by every guy in school, jock and dork alike, she must perpetually dodge suitors in whom she has no interest whatsoever. Luckily, Dana is protected by her valiant best friend Gilly—with whom she is hopelessly in love… in a very yet-to-be-professed sort of way. Their unique bond is amplified by their shared love of all things medieval, and they take every opportunity to revel together in escapism from the tedium of the modern world. But with obstacles such as their geeky third wheel Lucas—always around the crash the mood—and Dana’s personal bully Brynn—herself an outcast but with a particularly sadistic streak—her dreams of a romantic Disney ending often are forced to take a backseat to reality, even with the ball (better known as senior prom) rapidly approaching.

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