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"Let's Be Frank"

Book & Lyrics by Zayre Ferrer / Music by Christian L. Stahr


Ernesto has invented a wicked little brother called Frank, so that he can travel to Miami on weekends and behave scandalously without damaging his highly respectable reputation. Wanting to settle down, he decides to kill of his fictitious brother Frank, and tells his best friend Gregorio about his plans. But being Frank sounds like a lot of fun to Gregorio, who decides to take the name out for a spin. The only trouble is, both men will soon find themselves in the same place, engaged to women who believe that “Frank” is the only man for them.

AEA reading - Tisch School of the Arts, May 1st. 2012​

Director - Gina Rattan

​Music Director - John DiPinto​

Ernesto - Alex Gemignani

Gregorio - Curtis Wiley

Isabel - Elizabeth Hagstedt

Pili - Hannah Elless

Tia Tete - Doreen Montalvo Mann

Amalia - Catherine Cox

Mario/Macario/Øivind - Xavier Cano

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